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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Around the world

"On the tractor through the fields, driving round and around the Arc de Triomphe, eye-to-eye with the French gendarmerie, waltzing with a eighty-year old Frenchman and his chicken, smoking a cigarette with an Arabic sheik in his limousine on the camping in Bois du Boulogne, and bumping into a legion of about 400 children on 25 tractors.."

Manon Ossevoort is a 28 year old Dutch actress travelling by tractor from the Netherlands, through the Balkans, down through Africa to Cape Horn, then by boat to the Antarctic, collecting dreams (written on pieces of paper by people she meets). She is performing her theater show 'DOEN' (Do It!) in some post conflict countries on her way. She is raising money for War Child.

By the end of April 2006 she had travelled right down through Egypt and Sudan, crossed into Ethiopia and then reached the border with Kenya. She had picked up a little dog, which is travelling with her. Her plan is to travel through northern Kenya and into Uganda, before proceeding southwards.

Eric and Joan's Excellent
We quit our jobs in May 1997 to bicycle and canoe around the world. If you're bored with your job, we highly recommend that you quit, too. We had a great 26-month adventure. Here's our almost daily diary of the whole adventure ...

Goliath Expedition
The Goliath Expedition is Bushby's attempt to walk around the world "with unbroken footsteps", from Punta Arenas, Chile, to his home in Hull, England. He began his journey in November 1, 1998 and expects to finish it by 2009, then having walked over 36,000 miles.

In March 2006, Bushby and French adventurer Dimitri Kieffer crossed the Bering Strait on foot, walking across a frozen 56 mile section in 15 days. They were detained by Russian border troop officers while they were crossing the Russian border near the Chukotkan village of Uelen, for not entering Russia at a correct port-of-entry. They were threatened to be banned from Russia, which would stop the journey. It was announced on May 5, 2006, that the Russian appeal court had upheld Bushby's application and his walk will continue. This is reported to be the result of consultation between John Prescott, the British Deputy Prime Minister, and Roman Abramovich, the Governor of Chukotka (and owner of the British football club Chelsea F.C.).


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