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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Master Degree

A master's degree is an academic degree usually awarded for completion of a postgraduate or graduate course of one to three years in duration.
In the United Kingdom it is sometimes awarded for an undergraduate student whose final year consists of higher-level courses and a major research project. The ancient universities of Scotland (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews) award an MA (Master of Arts) as their normal undergraduate degree after four years of study in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences. In the recently standardized European system of higher education diplomas, it corresponds to a two-year graduate program to be entered after three years of undergraduate studies and in preparation for either high-qualification employment or for doctoral studies.

Study Finds Higher Degrees May Not Buffer Stress

How Do We Wear For Our Master Graduation?

After Your Master Degree
Now my attention will only focus on....

Comments on "Master Degree"


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