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Monday, April 03, 2006


Most people in modern society use keys on a daily basis, to secure their home, their vehicle, or to access their workplace, among other uses. Those that use a number of keys will usually place them on a ring or key chain, often with other items such as key fobs. But often happens that people forget where the keys are placed...

Where are my keys?
Welcome to "Where are my keys?" the only site you need to find what you have lost. There are currently 2681 places where what was lost could be.

Are you of a forgetful nature?
Canadian Tribal Expression is implanting a 64-bit RFID tag which enables people to unlock doors computers, cars and computers without requiring any keys or passwords. One needs to simply walk up to the door and open it without searching for any keys.

Japanese style
An apartment block with no key. Actually, inhabitants use their Osaifu K-tai instead of classic key to the door.

Nuclear plant owners lose keys
AGerman nuclear power station officials have admitted losing the keys to top security areas within their own plant.

Lost Keys!

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