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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Big Heads

The front (ventrum) of the head, where the eyes, ears, and mouth are located, is called the face.
The area above the eyes is called the forehead (the front of the head). Below the mouth is the chin.
Younger aged humans and some older humans' heads have a continuously growing layer of hair covering the head.
Most females of the human race do not lose this covering during the aging process, however some males can lose their head hair as they grow older.
We want to discuss the relationship between the head size and the brain capacities.

Head Size and Mental Ability
Why people with large heads suffer less cognitive decline in old age.

Big Heads
We present a really strange trend. Any of the photos follow the same form: a picture of a person in the foreground, and on the background, a giant head. Now, that's a clever picture once or twice, but it was happening so often that it really caught our attention. Was it always the same photographer? No, it turns out, it's not. So our best guess at this point is that one of the photo editors just has a giant head fetish of some kind.

Big Head Caps
Big Head Caps offers extra large size adjustable baseball caps for the cranially endowed.

Big Heads Cartoons

His Head Falls Off

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