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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Weird......Like an Animal!

Animals can come into existance as a freak of nature, from physical accidents or by intervention of humans, they can be space pioneers or hot lovers, they can have beautiful or dreadful voices. They can be nice pets or cruel killers, smart or dumb, thin or fat and sometimes they are able to become important actors or politicians and get rich. Is some weird animal reading this blog at the moment? (feel free to answer using your own animal-language, including roars and moos...The Guerinos are weird animals too, they will understand)

Big Mac Animals's not their fault

Outer Space Animals
The first men and women who traveled in space, in the 1960s, depended on the sacrifices of other animals that gave their lives for the advancement of human knoweldge about the conditions in outer space beyond this planet's protective ozone layer, about the effects of weightlessness on living organisms, and about the effects of stress on behavior

Animal Voices
Are you sure to know the sound produced by a "chickadee”? Here you can find out……..

Freaky Animals
Physical accidents and deformities can also affect animals...(this link is not for everyone)

Animal Lovers
Italian Pigs do it better...!

Cows in our farm have eaten something unknown and they are producing instant milk: try to help them before they blow up!!

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