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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
A TextArc is a visual represention of a text—the entire text (twice!) on a single page. A funny combination of an index, concordance, and summary; it uses the viewer's eye to help uncover meaning. TextArc evolves from an academic tool into a full-fledged work of digital art. ...This is the reading process made visible. As the eye arrives at each word, it glows in the mind while generating a skein of other associations, similar to what happens when one reads a book. Then it lingers a bit before receding from consciousness. And all the while, the greater whole of the story is present in the imagination and beautifully vivid on the screen.

Neen, stands for Neenstars: a still undefined generation of visual artists. Some of them belong to the Contemporary Artworld; others aresoftware creators, web designers and videogame directors or animators. Our official theories about reality -Quantum physics etc.- proved that the taste of our life is the taste of a simulation. Machines help us feel comfortable with this condition: they simulate the simulation that we call Nature. Opening the door of your room or clicking on a folder on your computer's desktop will send you to similar destinations, two versions of reality which are apparently impeccable and dense, but they will start dissolving after you analyze them.

Before and After
Photos by Kristine Larsen.
Larsen is a professional photographer based in New York City. Larsen lived and worked in the shadow of the World Trade Center for nearly a decade. In the financial district, the looming towers served as an awesome and unavoidable backdrop to everyday life and work, and appeared in scores of Larsen’s images. In her current show she returns to the sites of many of these photographs. The new landscapes, shot on the same spot and at the same times of day as the originals and paired with them, capture at street-level both the massiveness of the presence of the towers and the void left by their destruction.


When Pigs Fly
"When pigs fly" is an idiomatic way of saying that something will never happen. Pigs are heavy animals, without wings, and cannot possibly fly, so "when pigs fly" is a time that will never come. Possibly the first occurrence of a pig actually "flying" occurred in 1909 when the British aviation pioneer Lord Brabazon made the first live air cargo flight with a pig in a basket tied to a wing-strut of his airplane. Also, given enough thrust is applied, any pig is capable of ballistic flight

Rubik's Robot
This Robot, created by Evan Gates, solves the Rubik's Cube in approximately 15 seconds at the Caltech Spring 2004 Rubik's Cube tournament.

Insomnia [Weird news]
As songbirds awaken the early risers at dawn on the farm, one resident is already up; in fact, he never slept – not once in the past 33 years.


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