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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
The “Computer” photo file in the newspaper archives ends as you might expect: a microprocessor next to a dime. Go back a few photos; the chip stands next to a quarter. If you rifle the photos in reverse you see computers change from small inscrutable things to giant wonderful machines the size of industrial refrigeration units. Wardrobes with reels of tapes; steel desks with typewriters built into the top. Blinking lights of indeterminate purpose. Back in the old days, the time of IBM and Uniblab, a picture of a computer required a wide-angle lens. And a woman in a thigh-high skirt. Here are nine examples of computer promotional photography sent to newspapers in the 60s and 70s

Chat with ALICE
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity. Such a system is generally assumed to be a computer. Although AI has a strong science fiction connotation, it forms a vital branch of computer science, dealing with intelligent behavior, learning and adaptation in machines. Research in AI is concerned with producing machines to automate tasks requiring intelligent behavior. The three-time winner of the Loebner prize for "most human computer", ALICE, is the famous original free software chat robot

Email graphic traceroute
Paste an email with full headers (we need the 'Received' lines -- we don't need your email addresses, digg). The application will trace the path your email message took as it passed through various servers

The "Surf At Work" Page
More and more employers and universities are becoming aware of the amount of time their employees or students are spending using the Internet for personal reasons. Obviously employers want to discourage this behavior and may implement a number of different ways to do so. This guide discusses a way an employee or student can securely access the Internet while at work or school, and also get around some common firewall restrictions that prevent you from using most networked programs

Protect your privacy
This guide explains the major security and privacy threats a web user is exposed to when browsing the web, and presents the best ways to avoid falling into these holes

Free Software

Open Source for Windows
Free and open-source software is good for you and for the world. This is the best Windows software that we know of. No adware, no spyware, just good software

The AXE effect


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Anonymous valerio said ... (March 23, 2006 9:27 AM) : 

le ragazze che lavano le macchine sono più simpatiche e disponibili de sta lefena artificiale!!!! ;)


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