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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The hamburger

A common theory is that the word "hamburger" originated from Hamburg, Germany. Due to widely prevalent anti-German sentiment in the USA during the First World War, an alternative name for hamburgers ("salisbury steaks") became more common for the duration; hamburgers' popularity even after the war was severely depressed until the White Castle chain of restaurants created a business model featuring sales of large numbers of small hamburgers in the mid-1920s. Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of new types of "burgers" in which alternatives to ground beef are used as the primary ingredient. For example, a turkey burger uses ground turkey meat, a chicken burger uses either ground chicken meat or chicken fillets, a buffalo burger uses ground meat from a bison, an ostrich burger is made from ground ostrich meat and a veggie burger, garden burger, or tofu burger uses a meat substitute (such as tofu, TVP, seitan (wheat gluten), or an assortment of vegetables, ground up and mashed into patties).

World's Biggest Hamburger
Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pa., is now offering the huge hamburger after its crown as the home of the world's biggest burger earlier this year.But now it's offering a new burger that weighs a whopping 15 pounds including ten and a half pounds of beef.

A Hamburger Today
After the Super Bowl, we claimed we'd make a Roethlis-Burger if the Steelers won. Well, they won and we decided to follow through on our end of the bargain. Since we're so late, we decided to video the whole thing. It's not the exact recipe as the original from Peppi's, but we came as close as we could without seeing one in person.

The Hamburger Game
OK, now it's my turn again. I was lucky and picked up both the pickles and the mayonnaise last round so all I need now is the ketchup and the hamburger bread. If I roll a 2 and a 4 I will land on both ketchup and bread squares, but which of the ingredient counters show these items?

The Burger quiz
Do you consider yourself a burger expert? Test your knowledge!

The Busy Burger Game

Comments on "The hamburger"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (March 29, 2006 3:16 PM) : 

Grande Giorgio "the informer" , fichi i post , continua così

your brother filippo


Anonymous Andrea said ... (March 29, 2006 8:56 PM) : 

Grande gio...sei tutti noi...hihihihi

Tuo cugino Andrea


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