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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Everything you wanted to know about....Ninjas

They have been described as the dark side of the samurai: merciless killers, experts in the most deadly martial arts, committed to the darkest vows of honour, is it so?You know them from the movies. You have seen them using weapons that have never existed in reality, wearing uniforms that they have never actually worn, performing outrageous exaggerations in unrealistic scenes. All these have nothing to do with the true spirit of the ninja warriors and their ancient martial art and philosophy: Ninjutsu or Ninpo. Because reality, my friends, outdoes the movies.

History of Ninjas
Ninjutsu’s tradition has its roots 2.000 years before our time. It is described as the art of the "secret penetration" or as the art of being invisible

Urban Ninja Girl
She's pretty, she's young...she's a ninja!

Crazy Ninja
Ninja's life is tough and dangerous: some of them cannot bear the stress and becomes like this one.....

Ninja Combat
As your master I have a crucial mission for you! The dreaded Tsunami-Dragon and his forces are coming from the east, from the Darklands! They are in superior number! Without your help we will be doomed!

3 foot Ninja
Even micro-ninjas can be very dangerous.....

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