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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alternative Online Comix

Comic books are a paradoxical medium. They exist at once as both collectibles and consumables. They are perhaps the medium most open to independent producers; anyone with a pencil and access to a Xerox machine can produce mini-comics" (From Dissertation on comic books, by Mark C. Rogers). "One advantage comic book writers have on other writers, of course, is artwork. Comic book writers do not have to waste words describing something the reader can plainly see. Yet this is a frequent blunder committed by neophyte comic book writers" (From So What's so great about writing comic books?, by Steven Philip Jones)

There will be machines
This site brings you a new cartoon every weekday from Paul and Daniel

Toothpaste For Dinner
Official website and daily drawings of self-proclaimed "Inter-Net Superstar" known only as Drew

A weekly interactive comic blog live from Tokyo

Cyanide & Happiness
An eclectic mix of cynicism and vile toilet humor. No plot, story, characters or themes

The Perry Bible Fellowship
Online archives of the weekly, offbeat comic strip by Nicholas Gurewitch

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