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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
What's Up? An indispensable tool for the global newsjunkie
WhatsUp is an application that tracks a large number of RSS news feeds. The sources of these feeds are displayed on this world map. Whenever any of the news feeds releases a new article, its title immediately pops up. Instead of listing previously released news, this application shows news as it is released, so you can see what is up right at this moment in the world. Launch

Black and White (CNN)
An intriguing abstract visualisation of the (binary) network traffic data read from 0 moves the black square horizontally, while 1 moves white sqaure vertically. at the same time, the squares attract towards one another.

Most highly rated webcams from the Net
These webcams were found automatically through a variety of clever search techniques.

Browser Wars
The issue of which web browser is the "best" has caused some quite heated arguments in the last few years. This page attempts to settle this once and for all, in the time-honoured tradition of holding a Connect-Four tournament.

Live News Moments

Atmospheric Optics
Light playing on water drops, dust or ice crystals in the atmosphere produces a host of visual spectacles - rainbows, halos, glories, coronas and many more. Some can be seen almost every day or so, some are once in a lifetime sights.

Beautiful pictures & wallpapers

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