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Monday, February 27, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Weird Meat
WeirdMeat is the online representation of a purely academic project I began a few years ago. I was studying the Humanities in college, comparing different cultures, and one aspect that really struck my curiosity was how different cultures around the world feel about food. Some foods are taboo, some are forbidden, some are considered inedible -- depending on the culture. Why does one human refuse to eat dog, and another refuse to eat pig? Why does one culture eat haggis, another one delight in slimy fermented soy beans? Do we only refuse some foods when we know what they are? Why?

How to eat Sushi
This document provides a simple guide to eating sushi. Its target audience are non-Japanese people who enjoy sushi but aren't familiar with the customs and traditions that make for an outstanding experience. If you enjoy sushi, or if you think you'd like to give sushi a try, this document is for you.

Cooking By Numbers
Are you ready to cook?.....Get clicking on what you've got and we'll show you what you can cook.

Fork Art
A fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow tines (usually two to four) on one end. Forks are used mainly in cooking and eating, to move or hold objects (typically, pieces of food) in place. The fork is sometimes referred to as the king of utensils

Olympic falls, crashes, wipeouts
For all the grace and athleticism on display in the Winter Games, there are moments when athletes seem only human. Here are some pictures of memorable falls, crashes and wipeouts from the 2006 Winter Olympics

FIFA Fever

Glastonbury Games


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