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Friday, February 03, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
SwarmSketch is an ongoing online canvas that explores the possibilities of distributed design by the masses. Each week it randomly chooses a popular search term which becomes the sketch subject for the week. In this way, the collective is sketching what the collective thought was important each week. Each user can contribute a small amount of line per visit, then they are given the opportunity to vote on the opacity of lines submitted by other users. Launch

365 tomorrows
365 tomorrows is a collaborative project designed to present readers with one new piece of short speculative fiction each day for one year. Utilizing the broad palate of science fiction, our vision of the future creates a diverse pool of stories with something for everyone to enjoy. 265 launched August 1, 2005 and will continue until July 31, 2006.

Top 99 Most Desiderable Women
The Top 99 Most Desirable Women is an annual list compiled by the readers and staff of, ranking the females that have been collectively deemed the year’s most alluring. 2.5 million reader votes were cast for the 2006 version of the list, which will be read by millions more worldwide.

Marylin Monroe
(via Roowlant303)

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Stay Awake
Oscar stays up all nigth to save on internet rates. Now he needs you help...
Help Oscar to stay Awake at work.
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