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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Real Time Contextual Art Generator
Contextual visual art on demand
Welcome to the Real Time Contextual Art Generator by Don Relyea. This work is comprised of algorithmically generated layouts from contextual Google image search results. Typically most visual art is stuck within the context of time and artistic statement when its made. But what if we create a design framework for a piece of art thats flexible. A dynamic framework that searches for recent contextual imagery from the vast sea that is the internet and real time algorithmically (based on set of mathematical rules) composes a layout from those results. The visual results are automatically ranked by popularity according a system of rules (in this case Google image search rules). Launch

GMaps Flight Tracker
This site tracks the incoming flights for some US airports (Atlanta, Boston, ...) using data provided by The data provided is based on position reports for each aircraft once per minute.

The Museum of Hoaxes
What follows are some notorious photographic fakes arranged in chronological order from the Civil War to the present.
Launch [Add-on: The Hoax Photo Test]

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Top ten reasons why nobody reads your blog
Launch ...and top ten blogger lies

Police Stops



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