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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
The Micropolitan Museum
For several centuries artists have depicted the human figure, still-lifes, landscapes or non-figurative motives.
One subject has been widely neglected all those years: Micro organisms.

Middle East Travel Guide
While leafing through the less important sections of your local newspaper, you may have noticed that the beautiful flower that is America is surrounded by a pot of damp, moldering dirt known as The Rest of the World.

NYC Graffiti
If you missed the New York movement or just want to relive some memories, then this is the place. Hope you enjoy cyber benching.

Interactive Waterfall
It's interesting to me how art plays a role in spaces. The visuals in a space affect the mood. The form can affect behavior and attention. Personally, being a minimalist, I don't care much for paintings on the wall. I think that space should be functional and it should serve an effective purpose.

Which sports car are you?
Are you an Italian exotic or an American muscle car? A classic roadster or a high-tech racer? This test will show you your true inner vehicle...
(Guerino's result: Honda S2000, "You live on the edge, and you live for the adrenaline rush")


Monopoly cards we'd like to see
You've won 2nd prize in beauty contest. Next year, sleep with more judges.


Finger Twister


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