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Friday, February 17, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
The images in these galleries were all photographed by Don Ellis since June 2001. "As for Kleptography, the name is a reference to the old American Indian belief that photographs could steal your soul. I've always liked that notion and remind myself to treat the souls I steal as best I can." Launch

Viewing the world differently
(Check out all the 360 degree panoramas of locations like Rome, Athens, and more)


In the Desert, by Matt Jalbert
Photographs of the bizarre, the unusual, the sublime, and the beautiful found in my travels through the deserts of California and Nevada.

Marla Olmstead
Marla began painting before her second birthday, alongside her father.

Digibody's Caricature Maker

Wonderful Desktop Wallpapers
In high resolution

Planet Perplex: optical illusions
Planet Perplex is a comprehensive collection of optical illusions, impossible objects, hidden images, puzzles and related images.


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