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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
The Flash Mind Reader
Telepathy is the claimed innate ability of humans and other creatures to communicate information from one mind to another, without the use of extra tools such as speech or body language. Considered a form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition, telepathy is often connected to various paranormal phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance and empathy. Though many scientific experiments into telepathy have been conducted, including recent ones by respected universities (some claiming significant positive results), telepathy remains controversial and is not widely accepted by scientists. Launch

Billy Smith's Psychic Test
Focus all of your psychic energies on the pictures below. When you have determined which person is the real Billy Smith, click on that picture and discover if you indeed are psychic!

Computer Stupidities
The following is a large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users. It's a baffling phenomenon that in today's society an individual, who might in other circumstances be considered smart and wise, can sit down in front of a computer screen and instantly lose every last shred of common sense he ever possessed.

List of problems solved by MacGyver
From Wikipedia

Female Drivers
Years of research and surveys have yielded interesting statistics and findings regarding women driving and the differences between male and female drivers... and these are the results

It's not Safe
Workers who contribute to health and safety at work are safer and healthier than those who do not

Sport Bloopers
[Warning: contains some gross images]


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Anonymous valerio said ... (February 22, 2006 11:08 AM) : 

il giochino sulla sfera ke azzecca i numeri è carino...peccato che i simboli siano ricorsivi e probabilmente l'inghippo stia inqualche assioma statistico (che io ovviamente non conosco)!:)


Blogger Guerino said ... (February 22, 2006 11:33 AM) : 

Non puo' essere statistico perche' altrimenti ogni tanto sbaglierebbe. Il trucchetto di questo gioco e' molto piu' semplice. Ciao!


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