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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Extratasty is a social drink recipe site that lets you find new mixed drinks (or remember the ones you learned and promptly forgot) by search or by tag, and rate recipes you've tried as well a see others' ratings. It's got a cool feature that takes the list of ingredients in your bar and narrows the search subset to drinks you can actually make with the materials you have at hand... Launch

What is this website? This is a multimedia-weblog
What do you mean? This is a weblog. but instead of txt i post experiments.
Yes, but i seem to miss any form of navigation. Could be. this is a random website.
Random? Just click "Euh?" and you will be taken to another page.


I want this: Flash Wristband
The Imation Flash Wristband redefines wearable technology design by combining a portable flash drive that doubles as a wristband.

The Microsoft Word Voodoo Curse
This is really funny

XP Secrets
Secrets Hidden in Windows XP

10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows XP: Launch
10 Intermediate Ways To Speed Up Windows XP: Launch
More Ways To Speed Up Windows XP: Launch

Use your puzzle-solving skills to construct molecules by bouncing drops off of elements and into a catcher flask- but beware of destabilized elements, or you could blow up the whole lab!


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