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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Copper is a comic strip by Kazu Kibuishi that has enjoyed both webcomic and print appearances. Kibuishi's Copper largely offers hidden and/or double meanings in each episode. One can speculate that the comparatively excessive periodicity in which Copper is updated is likely due to the author's desire for unique and individual meaning within the comics. Copper was named one of the best webcomics of 2004 by The Webcomics Examiner. Launch [Add-on: Copper, Step-by-Step]

Cyanide and Happiness
By Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker and Matt Melvin.

Confucius say
Confucius say, war not determine who right. War determine who left

Torrent Site List
This is very good for downloaders
Are you looking for that MP3 Music CD Cover? Here at Coverdude we make your search DVD or music sleeve search easy.

The Sexy Name Decoder
For those of you whe enjoyed the Cyborg Name Generator
[G.U.E.R.I.N.O.: Guy Undertaking Erotic Recreation and Intense, Naughty Orgasms]

Do you watch a lot of internet porn? Then you need an Eyefi!

The Department of Scandals [From The Onion]
In his State of the Union address to the nation last night, President Bush announced a new cabinet-level position to coordinate all current and future scandals facing his party.


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