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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Space Invaders
He goes by the name Space-Invaders. He's based in Paris. He travels the world "invading" cities with his mosaics. Launch
[Add-on: Click here to see Space Invaders' last installation in Paris]

Steve, Don't Eat It!
There aren't too many products that feel the need to reassure you that they are, in fact, "food." Already not a good sign.

Toool: The open organisation of lockpickers
Lockpicking is the art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key. This 'opening without damage' can be done in various ways, but is generally done with special tools for that purpose.

Big Screen Version
One great clip by the video artist Aaron Valdez. Split-screen talking heads and flying graphics collide in a musical homage to the self-righteous rhetoric of Fox News.

Just for One Day
The short life of a Cyclope

Sex Vs Love

Subservient Stickman

Need Toilet Paper!! [Warning: Gross]

Micro Racers


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