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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Raster is an art group, deep rooted in the digital art revolution opened up to a large extent by the internet and computers. Raster embraces all forms and mediums of art. Bringing together members from all over the world for one goal. To make good art. Launch

The Onion's Top Stories of 2005
No.1: Bush elected president of Iraq

Reuters Pictures of the year 2005

The 2006 New Year's Resolution Generator
After all the drinking is done, and the hangovers have finally worn off the important decision of picking new years resolutions is upon us once again.
(Refresh the page for a new resolution)


Best sports bloopers of 2005

How To Find MP3's with Google
This is good for downloaders

Smart shoes decide on television time [Weird Tools]
Sports shoes that work out whether their owner has done enough exercise to warrant time in front of the television have been devised in the UK.

The Love Meter [Weird News]
A Russian physicist says he has invented and patented a device that can measure love and friendship.


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