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Friday, January 13, 2006

Top Selection of the Day
Pictures of Walls
Art is not like other culture because its success is not made by its audience. The Art we look at is made by only a select few. A small group create, promote, purchase, exhibit and decide the success of Art. We want to make Art that charts. We thought of calling it a revolutionary new way to sell Art but it's not revolutionary. It's just cheap. Launch

Architecture of Density
Architecture of Density is an exhibition of large scale color photographs by Michael Wolf. Wolf has lived and worked in Hong Kong for ten years. Stimulated by the region's complex urban dynamics, he makes dizzying photographs of its architecture. One of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world, Hong Kong has an overall density of nearly 6,700 people per square kilometer. The majority of its citizens live in flats in high-rise buildings. In Architecture of Density, Wolf investigates these vibrant city blocks, finding a mesmerizing abstraction in the buildings' facades.

Google Maps Locations
Using Google Maps we can find some satellite pictures of some pretty amazing things. Here are a few I and some friends have found.

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die
Published in 2005 by Cassell Illustrated. Selected & written by 90 leading international critics, general editor Robert Dimery.

Subservient Donald
The Donald dances, shows off pantyhose he's wearing, and sells paper towels.

If you think that your job sucks... should be a snake-catcher in Africa

Dedicated to the German friends

Tunnels across the border [Weird News]
More than a dozen tunnels have been found along the southwestern border in recent years. In 2003, U.S. Border Patrol agents found a tunnel that originated in a private house in Mexico and ended in a parking lot on the U.S. side


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