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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top Selection of the Day
Phylotaxis is an exploration of the space where science meets culture. Created by artist Jonathan Harris, it illustrates the delicate balance between science and culture in our world. The individual beads of the Phylotaxis represent an ever-changing zeitgeist of science news in our world, populated automatically every few hours by a computer program that scours a slew of online news sources and blogs that focus on science. The Phylotaxis is therefore beyond human control, autonomously composing its own new identity, based on what's happening in the world of science. Launch

Me Human, You Alien: How to Talk to an Extraterrestrial
An excerpt from a book by Jonathan Vos Post entitled "THE HANDBOOK OF UFO CONTACT"

Send emails to the future
It's sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you'd be a year (two years? more?) later.

Top twelve Dream Gifts of 2005

The top 10 weirdest USB drives ever
USB drives comes in thousands of designs and colors, but these 10 are extraordinary weird

Prediction Flowchart for Geek Gifts

Professor beaten for Evolution views [Weird News]
A Kansas professor whose planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he sent e-mails deriding Christian conservatives was taken to the hospital Monday following what he said was a beating.

Just Tennis


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