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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Enigma Puzzle
Use any tool at your disposal, including a text editor, graphics program, calculator, media player, and especially your browser's View Source function

NFH Propaganda [warning: GORY]
Experimental Visual Art, created by French photographer William Belle
"My aim was to animate pictures in form of photos different from the ones I usually make. This site is made of odd and upsetting background musics mixed with abandoned places, ramshackle factories, closed down hospitals..."


Chernobyl: a ghost town

Sex-hungry ghost [Weird News]
A MAN sought the help of a medium after he got tired of a female ghost who wanted to have sex with him every night for the last 16 years

These are no ordinary shoes [Weird News]
Shoes Made Specifically For Sneaking Across Border

Milky slept with dead wife [Weird News]
A Devoted husband slept with the body of his dead wife for 5 months


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