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Monday, November 21, 2005

Ask Google a Question?
I was sitting at home one night, and thought it would be fun to type in questions in to's images search and see what answers I would get.

Art of the Lift
What is a pickpocket? The dictionary merely states that it is a thief who steals from pockets. While this definition is true, it is a very narrow definition on a broad subject. A pickpocket isn't just a thief who steals from pockets, a pick pocket is a master in the art of diversion.

iPod satiric ads
I don't need no istructions to know how to rock

My server is down
Systems Engineer "Ray Digerati" enjoys fixing computers and having sex. So he combined the two.

Maybe I've lost my job today

Video Collection of some famous Internet pain

Space Cadets [Weird News]
A new reality TV show is aiming to pull off the biggest hoax in TV history - by persuading a group of Britons that they have been blasted into space

More than what you expect... [Weird News]
Teen sells mom's camera (and porn tape) for $200


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